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Ceyital Jewels - Sri Lanka’s house of design, is a premier jeweler and manufacturer and, maintains a high standard of excellence.. Our promise of sterling quality is stamped on each magnificent piece that we create About Us.We extend this firm commitment to our customers, the environment and the communities in which we work

Ceyital believes in nothing less than exotic luxury created by a combination of precious & innovative materials and distinctive designs. Our signature is glamorous & exciting styles that fuse classical and contemporary master pieces which transcend time and passing trends.

For over decades Ceyital has found its inspiration in the beauty of the natural world. Having decades of expertise in the making of jewellery behind them make Ceyital designs belong to an unmatched tradition of excellence. Our team of designers together with generations of skilled of craftsmen bond together in perfect harmony to create innovative and exotic pieces which are housed in renowned jewellery houses around the globe and dazzle discerning clients who look for perfection and style. Each piece of jewellery comes with materials carefully hand selected by experts, inspired designs and flawless technical precision.

About Us

We look to the bounty of the world for the precious materials that give form and life to our designs. For over decades, Ceyital has offered customers timeless styles and quality. Ceyital Jewels is the master supplier to some of the most luxurious jewellery houses based in London, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.